UX Product Manager

Microsoft Devices Group
Brand Video

The Challenge

Microsoft needed design and content support for Stephen Elop, then VP of their new Devices Group. Stephen was scheduled to launch a new brand positioning during his first keynote presentation in Atlanta to an audience of over 12,000 Microsoft sales, marketing and management teams, as well as strategic partners, at their annual Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) event.

Stephen asked for our help in setting the tone in support of the new, people-centric positioning as part of the updated B2C brand strategy centred on digital Work/Life balance.

The Role

– Creative, Art Direction

I continued my role as one of the senior members of the agency-side creative, design and content team supporting VP Stephen Elop and other department heads at Microsoft Devices Group (and previously at Nokia) in internal and external marketing events, including public device launches at locations around the world.

The Solution

This evocative brand essence video gives audiences a glimpse into stories of how our everyday devices help make meaningful moments happen; big and small.

The video perfectly set the tone and was one of the most successful and well-appreciated pieces of content of the 3-day event, receiving applause from the audience and appreciation from multiple figures in the Microsoft Senior Leadership Team.

The Little Big Things

MGX is the largest internal event of the Microsoft calendar, with 12,000 key members of their sales, marketing, and management teams coming together to learn about performance, new initiatives and directions in three days of updates, talks, workshops and keynote presentations from division VPs and CEO, Satya Nadella.

At this event, Microsoft were introducing a new position based on ‘digital work/life balance’ – a shift from their long-standing, enterprise productivity position.


There was a need to create a tonal shift ahead of Stephen Elop's first keynote speech as (then) VP of Microsoft's newly created Devices Group to one of the largest audiences for a corporate event.

The short brand video captured the new spirit and direction, telling simple, intimate stories – taking the focus away from the products themselves to see the many big and little ways technology and mobile devices help enable moments in our day — reminding the audience of why people invite technology into their lives — and the difference we can make.