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I’m Stewart — a London-based digital product designer bringing together user-experience design and strategic, creative concepts.

My journey towards digital product design has been gradual. From graphics, UI design and web development, to digital concepting and user experience, content and performance, with increasing strategic interest and involvement. I've been drawn progressively closer to the core of digital products — from how they look, to how they work, and to the initial discovery and definition of good digital offerings for strategic objectives.

I've always enjoyed contributing to creating digital products in various interesting ways. I've led content design and created engaging experiences for international product launches, created strategic UX to help brands perform better in online retail, devised and planned ways for digital platforms to foster and support collaboration and innovation, and devised strategic content packages for branded storytelling.

This journey reflects my deep interest in, and exploration of, what makes engaging and valuable digital products. My interest and experience across multiple areas of digital design, creation and marketing reflects my own broad and sustained engagement with the many layers of a great experience.

It's through digital product design, that my interests, skills and experience come together — helping devise, plan and create strategic, engaging and effective digital experiences.

Some of the many brands I’ve created experiences for

T. Rowe Price Microsoft Aston Martin Nestlé Nokia Holiday Inn Auto Express BuyaCar Sony OPAP Vype (BAT) Johnson & Johnson Vodafone Activia Hilti Credit Suisse Delta Energy Samsung Canon
Fun fact...

The Clifton Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment puts my Top Five themes in the Strategic Thinking domain…