UX Product Manager
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I’m Stewart, a UX Product Manager bringing together strategic, insight-led thinking and effective, goal-driven experiences to drive the Why? and the What? behind products.

A curious, passionate and value-oriented mindset, driven to stretch for real, differentiated value propositions and ambitious business and customer impact.

My journey towards product management has been gradual. From graphic design, UI design and web development, to digital concepting, user experience architecture, to experience strategy and performance. I've been drawn progressively closer to the 'Why?' and the 'What?' of digital products — from shaping the mission into strategic business objectives and opportunities, through to how experience can meet the needs and opportunities for customers and markets.

It's through product management and experience architecture that my toolset, skillset and mindset come together — helping define and create strategic and effective digital experiences and products.

T. Rowe Price Microsoft Aston Martin Nestlé Nokia Holiday Inn Auto Express BuyaCar Sony OPAP Vype (BAT) Johnson & Johnson Vodafone Activia Hilti Credit Suisse Delta Energy Samsung Canon
Fun fact...

The Clifton Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment puts my Top Five themes in the Strategic Thinking domain…